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Dear doctorbuddy( ,

You got what your wish

House approves constitutional ban on gay marriage

March 22, 2005

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- The Indiana House has approved a proposal that could lead to a state constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Proponents say the bipartisan vote of 76-to-23 is a first step toward protecting the sanctity of traditional marriage in Indiana. But opponents pledge to intensify their efforts to block the ban before it could clear more legislative and election hurdles to be amended in the state constitution.

Amending the constitution requires a resolution to pass consecutive, separately elected General Assemblies and then be approved in a statewide vote. That means if the proposal passes again in 2007 or 2008, it could be on the November ballot in 2008.

Indiana law already bans gay marriage, as do 42 other states. Seventeen other states have constitutional language defining marriage.

Copyright © 2005, WXIN-TV, Indianapolis,0,2084679,print.story?coll=wxin-home-1

Alison <333

a general note...

Fuck you Indiana, you haven't done a thing for me, I feel betrayed, I know it would pass but still...
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